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August 30, 2002
Summer's Gone
Oh my goodness, seems summer just started, and the grand kids are already back in school. It's been a busy summer including a vacation in Alaska (my Alaska scenic desktop wallpaper pictures are here), beginning horseback riding lessons, and starting a new fan club for our favorite performer, Kirk Wall, at

New Movie
I'm one of the producers of a new film in production by independent film maker, Thomas Gates.
Thomas Gates, Filmaker
The story, which he wrote, is about a young man quickly coming of age when a casual affair results in pregnancy. John and I saw about an hour of the filming.

On location in Victorville
Actors are on the couch and comfy chair. Others are director, lighting, sound, etc. etc.
Thanks to an alert cast member at Disneyland, I got to view the shadow of a rare solar eclipse.
Shadow of solar eclipse
Left-facing crescent in center of paper is shadow of eclipse. Main St., Disneyland

A Knock on the Door

One day in late July, there was a knock on the front door. I could see from my office that it was a man; a stranger. There was no Fed Ex or UPS truck in the driveway so my first inclination was NOT to answer the door. Had I still been in the suburbs, I wouldn't have answered, but I'm learnng this place is different. Having hesitated long enough, I cautiously opened the door.

He started out with, "I have something of yours." I didn't know the man and this sounded a bit fishy, then he said, "You lost your wallet, didn't you?"

"No, I don't think so" was my confused reply as I reached for my purse. But at the same time he handed me something very familiar. My wallet, with cash, driver's license, and all those other life essentials all in tact.
"Are you happier now?" He asked as he explained that he and his mother had found it in a parking lot, where I now realized I'd dropped it without even knowing it, and when they saw the local address decided to deliver, rather than mail it to me.

I offered him some cash, but he wouldn't take it, saying "You know that's not how we do things around here." So all I could do was thank him, and tell him how lucky I was that HE was the one to find my wallet before I even realized it was missing.

God protects children and fools, and I thank Him for moving me to this town where people protect each other.

I don't know if the folks who returned my wallet even have a PC. If they do, I hope they somehow see this little column and know what heros they are to me, and that I often think of them and the grief they saved me.

The Director watches the action on the monitor.
Watching the scene live and on the monitor

We enjoyed Mr. Gate's last movie collaboration, The Solicitors, at a Victorville theater and now on video, and hope this gets even wider distribution, say a Yucca Valley premiere? & all photos © KAT Moser 2001-2002