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9/2002 - 8/2003 Summary
Another Year Gone
A year has gone by since I wrote here, during which we visited Alaska, pictures here & here and toured Ireland with a great band, The Fenians.

We had a real life style change in September 2002, when we bought our first horse.
First horse, Ravin' April
Raven April, my first horse, before she decided to buck everyone and anything that got on her back.
  We spend so much time feeding horses and mucking stalls these days it's hard to get to the computer. I have a few new sites, in various stages of development, that have started in the last year:
  • free stationery for the Incredimail email program made from my photos
  • fan club for our favorite performer, Kirk Wall, done from my heart
  • official page of Evan Marshall, the most extraordinary, world renowned, duo style mandolinist
  • tracking the budding career of 11 year old mandolinist, Scott Gates --new, in development
  • my pet project; free magic tricks performed online by a B&G Macaw -- old site, new tricks. Please visit.

I also have a new client, The Barncats, a terrific bluegrass band that plays at Disney's California Adventure. Their page,, is awaiting client info, and there's always my original site, KAT'

In June, 2003 I earmarked a couple of pictures for the Journal. We ate at Pappy and Harriet's, a famous Pioneertown restaurant at which many famous musicians have played (we saw Eric Burden and the New Animals there). We actually got to meet Harriet, who sold the place last year, but was there helping to train a new cook.Harriet, June, 2003
Harriet at Pappy & Harriet's 6/9/03
John got bored hanging around the stable where she was boarded while I spent time with her, so bought his own horse. We bought a few more horses some of which were used to give trail rides at the Joshua Tree Ranch, where we were boarding at the time. We also had some great trail rides with Charla, who runs the place. I highly recommend a two-hour trail ride there.
Hubby's horse, Memphis, who needed harder ground than our local soft sand to keep his hip from hurting.

Today (8/26/03) we have five horses and a weanling colt (he's for sale). They and our son's two horses live on land we bought in Joshua Tree. We've spent the past few months building a stable for them, and there's lots more work ahead.
new born's first steps, 15 minutes after birth
2:00 A.M. 4/23/03: Colts first steps, 15 minutes after he was born

Same colt, at two months old

e saw a wild desert tortoise for the first time in the 13 years we've been enjoying the desert (we've lived in it over 2 1/2 years now.)

Seen crossing Quail Springs Road, Joshua Tree. Photo taken when he reached the side.

It's been too eventful a year to catch up with all of it. We're no longer "new" desert dwellers, so it's no longer strange. It's still beautiful, and the changing light, blue & cloudy skies and rampantly raging weather make the scenery different by the season, day and hour.

The other day I was raking manure in a horse stall in sweltering heat and unusual humidity. I thought of my life a few short years ago, sitting at a desk in an air conditioned office working on a computer and making fairly good money. I remember being in that office thinking how I'd love to chuck it all and work outdoors.
Here I was now, not making any money, with perspiration dripping from the bandana wrapped around my forehead and the end of my nose, wading through horse crap. I asked myself if I'd rather be dressed in nice business clothes in that cool office. And I honestly answered...

ABSOLUTELY NOT! & all photos © KAT Moser 2001-2002