July 4, 2001
We spent the day with kids and grand kids, swimming and enjoying a pidgeon who has decided to live here. He likes to drink out of the pool, though why, when there's a full bird bath, I don't know

Pidgeon on our roof

Sun sets on Independance Day

Watching fireworks at the highschool from our front yard. They're not leagal to use at home here.

Rock climbing along the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail at DCA

July 5, 2001
Buckwheat and I went to Disney's California Adventure and Disneyhland. His first trip to DCA and last to Disneyland for awhile as his annual pass is expiring. We started at DCA, where we rode California Screamin', a roller coaster, Orange Stinger, a swing, and got some exercise along the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.

Dale and a friend at the Ahwahee Camp Circle show

A moment of the Eureka Parade, which runs in the daytime.
Of course we had to get back to Disneyland for a couple of shows of our favorite performers, Billy and the Hillbillies. Here. Billy Bass dons a fiddle and outrageous hat as he and Fiddle Billy do an Orange Blossom duet.

"This ALWAYS happens here. Maybe we should practice more so I don't get this stuck up my nose. We could come in early, stay late... Nah."

Buckwheat tries on Grammy's shade hat. Someday this may be a "blackmail" photo.

Back to DCA for the Electrical Parade that returned, not to Disnehland, but to DCA, and officially started July 4th. Here some of the ballroom floats from Cinderella's entourage cruise on down toward the Sun Wheel. A big ferris wheel which goes around once per ride.

You may not remember the movie, but Pete's steam-breathing dragon is a favorite standard of the parade. Pete rides atop its head, talking to the crowd, and sometimes makes the dragon disappear.

The parade ends with a 75 foot American flag held up at the rear by an American Eagle. The top of Grizzly Peak, which resembles the State Bear's head, can "bearly" be seen in the top center.of this photo.

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