KAT's Joshua Journal June 24, 2001
Sunset over Wallmart
Sunset Over Wallmart 6/24/2001
Not much up today, but the sky sure was pretty when we walked out of Jack in the Box this evening..
John with our new, used '92 Jeep
Colorful sunsets like this evening seem to be the norm around here.
Sunset over Highway 62

June 25, 2001

Danielle today at Pizza Cafe

For all the wonderful people who have been praying for Danielle, she is now out of the hospital after a 25-day stay after a bb accident involving one of our grandsons.. The bb went through her left eye socket and into her brain. It was touch and go for awhile, not knowing whether she'd live or die, and if she lived, whether she'd be paralized or blind or have other brain damage.

In her first brain surgery after the accident, pieces of her skull were removed and frozen to allow for brain swelling. The second brain surgery was to remove the bb, which couldn't be done until the swelling went down, and replace the skull pieces. Complications from the second surgery included water on the brain, and a third surgery was performed to insert a tube for drainage.

She came home Thursday, and today is cheerful, happy to be home, and comfortable talking about her hospital stay and all that happened to her. Thank you all for your prayers. It's wonderful to see her like this.

Danielle took off her hat to show where her skull was stitched back together.on the top and side.

The black eyes from the accident and surgeries are almost gone, but for the next year, Danielle must wear a hat outside to keep sun out of her eyes. This cute little gal is going to have one fine hat collection.