KAT's Joshua Journal June 22, 2001
Pioneer Town Sunset
Pioneertown sunset 6/22/2001
This journal isn't starting at the beginning, but one must start SOMEWHERE. It's intended as a personal photo diary. Shortcuts in photo editing and writing will be necessary to keep it current.

Tonight John and I attended Pioneer Town's presentation of Music Under the Stars. It was, uh, UNUSUAL. The wooden flute music with native drums was lovely to hear at sunset.
Male dancer in lavendar petticoat?
We didn't understand this performer's costuming, but his dance was intriguing.
June 23, 2001
This evening we attended our first ever Concert In The Park in Yucca Valley, our new home town. A few hundred guests brought blankets or folding chairs and sat on one of the town's rare grass lawns to watch the Golden State Dixieland Ramblers. These are entertainers of Disneyland quality, and sure enough, they're former Disneyland musicians. Now if we could just get some CURRENT Disneyland musicians (Billy and the Hillbillies, of course) here for next year.

This guy played some really interesting brass instruments, including the
Double Belled Euphonium
Double Belled Euphonium and the
Garden Hose
Garden Hose.
Dave Miller shoots the Dixie Ramblers
Dave Miller, left, is a photograpner for the delightfully local Hi-Desert Star newspaper. He's photographing the band, but you'll see them here first! (because the next newspaper doesn't come out till Wednesday)

Several of us ladies in the audience got to march, twirling one of those big umbrellas, to "When the Saint's Come Marching In". It was harder than it looked because of the wind, which turned my umbrella inside out once.

It was a delightful breezy evening, and opening for a concert season that makes me want to stay here rather than go to Disneyland.
When we got home, Fred, a friend from Coasta Mesa had his 10"-lens comupterized telescope set up in our back yard. He treated us to wonderful display of the moon, Mars, which was at it's closet to Earth in 13 years, and some star clusters that were millions of light years away. He took some photos through the telescope, and I'll save a bit of space here in case there's a good one he lets us share.