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September 2004
9/8/04 Still Discovering

Lot's of folks seem to think there's nothing to do out here in the desert. Well, if what they want to do is go shopping at a local mall, they're right. It's different out here. But folks who like to explore a bit are constantly rewarded with new sights. Just getting off the highway in Joshua Tree and onto a residential street that I hadn't driven lately gave me a thrill today as I discovered

The Mail Boxes of Alta Vista

Did I just not notice them, or were they not here when we drove this street during last year's flood? Who made them? Why are there are so many on one street? I'll try to find out, but in the meantime, here are some of my favorites:

Tall church mailbox
I'm guessing that the owner of this church may be the instigator of the mail box project, as there are also clever bird houses in the yard.

Several mailboxes look like houses, some resembling the houses they serve.
big house mailbox

This looks like a house one wants to stay out of:
dog house mail box
  I can't help but wonder whether a teacher lives here:
school house mailbox

Of course transportation is needed to get kids to the schools:

Perhaps you prefer a different form of transportation,
57 Chevy mailbox
like this '57 Chevy, or
Covered wagon mailbox
a covered wagon, whose destination might have been
log cabin mailbox
a log cabin.

Our own mailbox is just black with half the address falling off, but if we had a custom box it would look something like this:
rustic barn

My thanks go to whoever gave this street such a great personality. & all photos © KAT Moser 2001-2004